Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The latest Green project results

I collect refrigerator magnets when I travel. They are the one souvenir I try to get from every place I visit. My fridge was covered with them and, as I looked forward to more trips this year, I wondered if I could display the ones I have in a unique manner and make room for the new ones.

I was spit balling the idea with my roommate, trying to find a good way to have a hunk of metal hanging on the wall, when he said, "Why don't you use a refrigerator door.

Brilliant idea, so I began looking around for a spare door, I think my groceries kind of need the one on the fridge right now. After calling a half dozen scrap yards and used appliance stores, I finally found one that had some used doors.

Let me tell you this place was like appliance heaven. You name the major kitchen appliance, the style and color, and they have it. They collect broken down appliances salvage all the usable parts and build used appliance. Here's a business that is based entirely on re-using.

They deserve

Their name seems fitting as well: "Endtime Harvest thrift store.

The rest was easy and, if I do say so myself, it looks pretty cool.

Next on the list: re-purposing an old dresser as a patio grill station, a place for storing the supplies with a counter to prepare the tasty treats. I'll keep you informed on how this one goes.