Monday, September 22, 2008

That Was Easy

This past Thursday Greater Greenville Sanitation Commission delivered the recycling bins I requested for the town home community that I manage. I'm impressed with our County's commitment to recycling. Beyond setting up about a half dozen drop off points around the country for folks to leave their recyclable goods, they also have an individual home owner benefit across much of the country. The bins you see above are given 1 to each home owner with instructions to deposit paper goods, cardboard, plastic bottles, and cans. The owners simply place the bins by their trash cans on trash day and the County does the rest. They don't even require you to sort the different types of materials. They sort it on the truck.

When I inquired about having the service here at Addison, I was originally told that because my community is serviced by a dumpster, the individual bins was not an option. After a few conversations , I received a personal visit from the residential recycling director. We worked out a few details and he agreed that we could join this program.(It helped that their collection truck/trailer used our parking lot to turn around in)

Now we have the bins and I can't see how it would be any easier for people to recycle here. They fill up the bins during the week, then on Thursday night, they set the bins outside their front doors. Friday morning, the guys drive by and empty the bins.

That was easy!

I know that not all communities have this option, but I would recommend that you speak to whoever picks up your trash for what recycling options are available. If there are none, let's work on creating some. I am looking around the country to see how municipalities are encouraging recycling. My goal is to help us all recycle. If you have any ideas or want to tell us about how your community works, please leave us a comment.

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