Thursday, December 31, 2009

One more "green" project.

After a far too long absence, I have returned. Now is there anyone still here? We shall see.

My patio project was put on hold, but I've just completed a new green project:

I needed a trash can for my work van and I wanted a cup holder, so here it is. Ok, my phone is not ringing off the hook from Target, Macy's or Sears, but it works.

The "parts": a 5 gal bucket that until a week ago held commercial floor finish, a 1 gallon jug emptied of it's floor cleaning chemical, a used floor buffing pad, a couple of screws I had from disassembling an old console TV, a left over can of black spray paint and some Elmers Glue (the only item that was actually purchased for the project.

An hour of work with items that would otherwise have been landfill residents, a few minutes with a spay can of paint and I have a stylish...ok, functional trash can/cup holder.

If any of you have any examples of re-using items, please feel free to share them.

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