Sunday, October 19, 2008

A "Green" Road Trip.

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This is where Jeni and I will be May 15-31, 2009. This is the trip I referred to in my second post. When I was talking to a friend about the trip and mentioning that I wanted to take an environmentally friendly road trip, I asked him how he thought I could make it "green". He said, "Don't drive" I understand what he meant, but this is the whole point of this blog. I want people to realize that you don't have to stop living your normal life in order to take care of this planet. I believe it is possible to take a road trip, yes, in a car, and still be eco-friendly. Obviously, a hybrid or something along those lines would be a natural first step. So if you have a Prius lying around, look me up.

I'm looking for ways to be "green" on this trip, any ideas?

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