Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Are hybrid cars bad for the environment?

I mentioned in an earlier post that we would honestly look at some of the attacks against responsible living. Here we go.

This one I found particularly intriguing. The blogger who made the statement that hybrid cars were bad for the environment focused on one aspect of the hybrid car, the battery. The concern is that we might be trading a positive in lower fossil fuel usage and lower emissions for the negative of a toxic afterlife of discarded hybrid batteries.

Does he have a point? If people act responsibily, no!
Any battery tossed in a landfill or on the side of a hill will have a toxic impact, the lead acid of a conventional battery as well, as the less toxic nickel metal battery featured in most hybrid and the lithium ion ,the next generation hybrid batteries. The question is will hybrid car batteries end up in the landfills and roadsides next to their toxic lead brothers? Probably less often. Here's why.
It's not that hybrid car drivers are better than conventional car drivers, it's that they have a better viehicle. According to Honda, Ford and Toyota, the batteries in their hybrid cars are designed to last the life time of the vehicle. Check out the links below:
So unlike the average non-hybrid car battery, you will only need one for as long as you use the car. (oh there's another financial savings for living responsibly)
Toyota recycles every part of their batteries and they make offer an incentive to ensure they get their batteries back. They have a $200.00 "bounty" offered for every used hybrid battery.
Sorry, Mr. Anti-Green blogger, but hybrid cars ARE good for the environment, as well as keeping green in your wallet.

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