Sunday, February 22, 2009

Going green in the cafeteria

Every day in the cafeteria the students get a fruit: an apple, an orange, a banana...and etc. Many times the apples or other fruit do not get eaten. Since the students cannot take food out of the cafeteria unless someone stepped in with a plan all that wonderful fruit would simply be thrown away.

This was the situation during my practicum. No teacher had a plan to "rescue" the fruit. However, my cooperating teacher this semester has a plan. Each day she collects the fruit if she remembers to bring a bag. Some of the students even come up to her with a couple of apples and offer to collect others.

At the end of the day, again if my cooperating teacher remembers (she has ADHD so she's excused :D) the students remaining in the classroom waiting for buses all grab a piece of fruit. Not a single piece remains.

I know for sure that I will start doing something like that when I start teaching next semester.

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