Sunday, March 1, 2009

Excited to go green

This post will be short as I am short on time. I apologize in advance. :D

I mentioned in an earlier post that the school has implemented a recycling program. It took a few weeks for my brain to catch on but then I realized that instead of throwing away papers that I am finished with I could keep them in my notebook and take them back to school.

Once at school I take those papers out of my notebook and toss them in the bin. (This is getting difficult at the moment because no one has come by to empty the bin. :D)

Now I get to the excited part. My mom recently printed out some receipts for me (online purchases) and as she divided up the papers she noticed that she had printed out a couple of extra pages.

I eagerly offered to take those pages with me back to school so I could put them in the recycling bin. She declined because she already recycles them. The most important part of that for me was looking back and seeing just how exited I was about recycling. :D

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