Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun with Government Agencies "Going Green."

Today, a trip to a local government licensing department presented me with an opportunity to witness how the government Goes Green.

As you can see, they were using their recycling bins, One was for plastic, the other two were for paper. It was nice to see the government practicing what it preaches.

The photo on the right made me smile and be proud of some inventive person (Yes, there is at least one inventive person working in the government...:D) This office deals with a lot of blue prints and land plats. Flexible drainage pipes have become an ingenious filing "cabinet."

As I waited for the paperwork to be processed, I reflected on these green activities and I began to get the "warm and fuzzies" about a collection of bureaucrats being responsible residents of Planet Earth.

Wouldn't you know it, they had to rain on my parade. First, they made a copy of my application (2 pieces of paper). Then they printed out a permit AND COPIED IT (2 more pieces of paper). A receipt was next, yes, they copied that as well. (We're up to 6 pieces of paper). Just when I think the trees are safe, they makes a copy...OF THE CHECK I USED TO PAY FOR THE PERMIT! Let's do the math: 1 transaction = 8 pieces of paper.

What have we learned today? You can lead a government employee to the recycling bin, and they'll fill it with excessive paper and red tape.

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