Sunday, April 26, 2009

One more new green discovery and a resolution

When I went out to The Lazy Goat Friday night I saved half of my meal as usual. I was pleasantly surprised though when the waitress brought the box back to me after putting the leftovers in for me. Instead of a typical white styrofoam to go box I received was tan with a very cool weave type composition.

I knew at first sight that this had to be some sort of "green" material. I was right. I opened up the box and written on the inside of the lid was written "100% Compostable. Monogram. Sustain. Made from Sugarcane Fiber". The sugarcane fiber part I thought was incredibly cool. Now if only I could find a compost heap. Anyone know of one?

That night I also made a green resolution. My cousin and I stopped at Starbucks and the conversation drifted to topics of conservation and "going green". We both hated the fact that because we didn't have any mugs with us we had to use paper cups. I decided then that from now on I will always have a travel mug or other sort of mug with me so that when I go to Starbucks or Liquid Highway I can present the mug and save a paper cup from going in the trash.


Eric said...

Great resolution. I forgot my "doggie bag" when I went out with Laura today. Looks like I might struggle with this like I did with the reusable

I've been looking into composting options. Living in a multi-family community makes it more difficult, but there are some interesting options.

I am soooooo glad we went to the Lazy Goat. It sounds like we need to do it again...:D

Melanie said...

Great reminder! I have a reusable coffee cup from fact, I have two. I have often forgotten to take one of them with me for a "refill", though I was never thinking of the environment (shame on me). I just thought it was cool to have a cup with Starbucks' name on it.

I will see it totally different now that I've become more "green-minded." ;)

Thanks again!