Monday, January 26, 2009

A "Green" stop on our road trip

The first major stop on Jeni's "Getting to Know My Country" road trip in June will New Orleans. We both are really looking forward to this stop. There's history, music, literature, food and...Green innovation .

As the people of New Orleans still struggle to recover from Hurricane Katrina, a group called Global Green USA has committed to melding rebuilding New Orleans, affordable housing and sustainable green housing. The project has been quite impressive with a national design contest, commitment to educating the Gulf Coast residents about environmentally friendly and sustainable living. I look forward to having an opportunity to see the results. I've been impressed with the winning designs for the housing and want to see it in person. Some of the ideas incorporated in the Project Holy Cross house can be used by any home owner now, while other aspects should be examined by home builders and designers country-wide. I'm not certain that every aspect of the project is practical all over and some of it is a stretch, but I believe the project is worthy of being investigated by folks wanting to build and live responsibly.

Check out their site: and tell me what you think.

Also, any other suggestions on places to visit?

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