Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Road Trip Update

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As most of you know, this blog has a duel goal:
1). To encourage average folks to find ways to live responsibly as tenants of planet Earth.
2). To encourage folks to help me fund my daughter's graduation road trip. Ok, I would love to have corporate sponsorship for the over 7,000 mile road trip which is my gift to Jeni when she gets her Masters in May. I'm also sensible enough to know that the likelihood of Toyota, Comfort Inn, and Exxon sponsoring this trip is equal to my chances of winning the Boston Marathon, but it can't hurt to try (for sponsors, not the Boston Marathon, I am a fat man afterall..:D)

You can see our route across the country on the map above. The trip date has changed. We will now be leaving June 13th and returning June 28th. As I prepare for this trip, I am again reminded of how much this country has to offer. There is so much to see that we could stay out there for a month and not have scratched the surface of the wonders of America. I'm getting very excited.

One of the things we want to do on this trip is to see how other folks across the country practice living responsible. If you have any ideas of places we should visit, please let me know. Give us suggestions and we will post them here.

Join us on this trip, as we plan and as we go!

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