Monday, May 4, 2009

Recycling doesn't have to be ugly!

I will admit it.

Chic and classy, these are not.

Your kitchen, on the other hand, is elegant, modern, classic or stylish, so how do we save the planet, but look good doing it?

Try one of these options:

1). Hide the recycling with one of these in-cabinet recycling centers:

2). Give the recycling a sleek or modern look with one of these:

3). Color and a funky style might fit your kitchen better:

The red one has an added feature of combining re-using with recycling. The white "bins" are actually your plastic shopping bags being re-used to recycle.

4). For the gadget lover or the consummate recycling fan,
try Mode's Premium All-in-One Recycling Center

These are only a few of the options available. There are canvass bags, boxes made from recycled cardboard, and the list goes on. You could even disguise your ugly blue box with your kids drawings, wrapping paper, etc.

The bottom line? You have style, so should your recycling.

Let's see what your recycling style looks like. Send me photos of your personal recycling centers or ones that you have come across that tickled your fancy. I'll post them on the site and all our readers will vote on their favorites. The winner will get a gift package from Jeni and my Great American Road trip in June.

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