Sunday, May 3, 2009

Coffee drinkers, you can save the world!

Ok, so maybe "save the world" is a bit much,

but your love of java affords you many ways to "go green."

Let's start with those grounds. Normally, they end up in the trash, but here are some unique re-usable ideas:

1). Do you have problems with snails and ants bothering your tomatoes, or cats tearing up your
lettuce? Finish your Cup of Joe and then sprinkle the grounds in the garden for an organic
2). Roses, rhododendrons, evergreens, and carrots all would love a caffeine fix, so share your
grounds with your plants.
3). The aroma of your daily brew can be tantalizing, so how would you like to smell it without
brewing another cup? Take some old pantyhose, add some coffee grounds and you get a
closet air freshener, or put a few grounds in small cup and and your fridge gets that amazing
smell all day long.
4). Onions or fish have your hands smelling rough? Exchange that awful odorl for one you
relish, just rub those grounds on your hands .

What about leftover coffee? Yes, occasionally, even you have a little leftover coffee, so before you pour it down the drain, consider these re-usable ideas:

1). Soak a steak in that coffee. It'll tenderize it as well as provide a unique flavor.
2). Dip paper in some coffee and you have paper that looks aged.
3). You can dye clothes with coffee to give them a vintage look.
4). Freeze it. Pour your leftover coffee into an ice cube tray and stick it in the freezer. Then
when your Cup of Mud is too hot, drop in a couple of coffee cubes and your coffee doesn't
get watered down.

One last thing, you know you have lots of coffee mugs, but you don't use them all regularly, so can we find anyway to re-use those? Here some cool ideas:
1). Take that classy one and use it hold your tooth brushes rather than buying a tooth brush
2). Father's Day, your daughter gave you a "World's Best Dad" mug and you used it
a time or two, but most of the time it sits in the cabinet. Give it a new home on your desk
holding pens and pencils and your daughter's smile will be priceless.
3). You have a set of four mugs that you like, but don't use often. How about a using them for
silverware instead of hiding those forks and knives in a drawer?

Looking at this list, maybe I was right after all, "Coffee drinkers just might save the planet, one piping hot cup of black gold at a time."

My thanks to, and for their help with this article.

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Eric said...

My daughters told me that I should clarify that the grounds ot be re-used are not wet moldy grounds, which would just be gross...:D