Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Great American Green Road Trip continues

The Great American Green Road Trip

Day # 2
A leisurely drive along the Gulf Coast and then some driving around New Orleans, a little more driving around New Orleans than originally planned due to a few wrong turns. What are the results of a combo of highway and city driving for the Prius? 43.8 mpg. Another good day for the planet!

This is the 9th Ward today, part of it. Condemned and abandoned houses are common place. Another familiar sight are the foundations of houses that no longer can be called home.

This can be the future of the 9th Ward, green, affordable housing. That is if Global has anything to say about it.

This is the Holy Cross Project. They have built 3 of these environmentally friendly houses and have plans for 2 more in this area which is in the 9th Ward. The houses are loaded with Green features like solar panels which you can see on the roof, tankless water heaters, energy efficient appliances, and much more. visit to find out more details. When I saw these houses online, I thought they were ugly, but the environmental friendly nature appealed to me. Now that I've seen how they look, I officially say that they are definately not ugly. There are aspects of this project that many of us can put to use, average folks upgrading to tankless water heaters or adding a rain catching barrel to use to water your flowers and plants. Visit the Holy Cross Project and see if any of the features they used that can be used in your home. I would love to hear from you if you find anything or if you've made any improvements to your homes responsibily.
More pictures from Day #2 will be posted tomorrow.

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