Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Great American Road Trip continues

The Great American Green Road Trip

Day #4

Getting lost a little lost in Dallas, driving in Dallas rush hours traffic, and then a smooth night time drive to Oklahoma City resulted in 43.1 mpg from the Prius! Another day of savings on gas...oh and helping out the planet a little.

Dallas shows a little Green side.

Here's a solar trash compactor we found at the Texas State Fair grounds
along with a recycling bin.
Even the Texas Rangers got in on the responsible living. Actually, I found a couple examples:
All around the Rangers Ballpark were these receptacles for recycling the plastic bottles and cans.
The Rangers showed their green side with the fan give-away for the night after we were there. The first 15,000 fans will be given a reusable shopping bag.

I saw one an example of a fan's responsible living at the game as well. The Rangers serve cheese fries in a small plastic bowl, like a cool whip bowl. When this one fan finished his cheesy snack, he went to restroom and washed the bowl out and took it home. See, even baseball fans can be green

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