Friday, June 19, 2009

The Great American Road Trip continues

The Great American Green Road Trip

Day #5

The rolling plains of America's Heartland is where the Prius traveled today, Oklahoma and the entire width of Kansas into Colorado. "What kind of mileage did we get cutting across America's Bread basket? 43.4mpg

We had intended to visit Greensburg, KS, the town that in 2007 was wiped off the face of the earth and is now rebulding Green. We did get to see what little is there, but delays kept us from arriving at a time where we could talk to folks about the green rebuilding efforts and the photos we took did not turn out well. They have an excellent web page detailing all they are doing and all the agencies and people working with them.

The devastation is still clear to see. I was struck by the military hospital tents being used to stand in for the hospital that no longer exists. We did see some interesting designs and materials bein used as sustainable materials. Check out their website for the details.

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