Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Great American Road Trip continues

The Great American Green Road Trip

Day # 9

We are holding fast at 42.5 mpg while driving around the hilly area around and in Seattle. Still good numbers

36% of Seattle residents ride their bicycles for recreational and 4,000-8,000 residents ride daily. Seattle is making a concerted effort to promote biking. Below you see one of the bike stands the city is placing around the city. Seattle has about 28 miles of shared use paths, 22 miles of on-street, striped bike lanes, and about 90 miles of signed bike routes. The folks that do the biking in this city are truly dedicated because it is extremely hilly, so I take my hat off to Seattle and it's bike friendly ways

The Seattle Mariners, like the other major league parks we have visited on this trip have their fan friendly plastic bottle recycling bins that you see below.

But leave it to Seattle to take the idea of recycling further. Below is a photo of a recycling garage that accepts plastic, paper, aluminum, and compost items

Seattle seems to be one of the greenest cities we have visited so far.

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