Monday, June 15, 2009

The Great American Road Trip continues

The Great American Green Road Trip

Day # 3

Interstate highways over bayous and swamps, two lane state highways through the countryside and small Louisiana towns, a few small city streets in Texarkana, AR. and I-30 through flat, cattle country in eastern Texas were our driving locations for this third day of the trip. How did the Prius fair? 43.8-44.2 mpg, not too shabby. With this kind of mileage, looks like folks in Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas could benefit from driving hybrids once in awhile.

A few re-using tips from our trip, so far. When we stopped for gas, yesterday, I got some ice, using one of the stores Styrofoam "ice" cups, but instead of throwing it away, it became the cup I used every time I got ice during pit stops and gas stops. At some places, they didn't even charge me anything.

We are going to 4 baseball games on this trip. We didn't feel comfortable just picking up the tickets at will-call, so we printed them out, but I used paper that I had already used one side of, thus getting double usage.

I forgot my shampoo when we pulled out Saturday, so I used one of those little bottles the hotel so graciously provides. Usually, people take one small drop out of the bottle and throw the rest away as they move on, but I kept it. This one bottle should get me through close to half the trip.

One disappointing thing: Jen and I each have seen a plastic bottle laying on the ground and picked it up. Sadly, we have yet to see any public recycling receptacles, so they are riding with us until we find a place to recycle them. I know the main reason that you find so few public recycling cans is that people don't pay attention and the recycling container would just become another trash can. There has to be away to avoid this problem, while giving people the option to recycle.

On a lighter note, this morning when I was getting my breakfast at the hotel, I saw a woman who had a t-shirt with the recycling "circle" on it, with the following sentence imposed on it, " I only date boys who recycle."

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