Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Great American Road Trip ends

The Great American Green Road Trip

Day #15

Day #15 brings the Great American Green Road Trip to an end.
(Actually, we pulled in the home drive at 5:00am of Day #16, but close enough

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library was our main stop today, as we drove the 16 hrs home. This was my first presidential museum and it was fantastic.

With the trip over, how did the Prius do?

We traveled 8,539 miles, driving in cities like Denver, Seattle, and Milwaukee and small towns like Selma, AL Greensburg, KS, and West Yellowstone, Wy. We crossed the Cascade Mountains and the Rocky Mountains twice, reaching 9,000' above sea level at one point. We cruised passed cattle ranches, corn, wheat, alfalfa and soy bean fields in the flat lands of our nation's breadbasket. All this driving took only 175 gallons for a overall average of 48.79 mpg., not a bad result.

Our 15 day road trip with hours spent behind the wheel disproved two of the criticisms of hybrids. The Prius handled like a dream and even after hours of continual driving, it was comfortable to drive.

There are many options for responsible auto selections out there and a hybrid is not the only choice. Electric, clean diesel, and flex fuel are just a some of the options. Even some of our regular gas vehicles get high mileage. Pick the vehicle that fits your personal taste and wallet, just add fuel efficiency and emission control as part of your criteria.

More green observations from the road tomorrow.

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